In-Store Buyback

Next buyback-May 2014

Dates: May 12-16

Fond du Lac: 7:45am-6:00pm Monday-Thursday, Friday 7:45am-3:45pm
West Bend: 8:00am-6:00pm Monday-Thursday, Friday 8:00am-3:30pm
Beaver Dam: 8:00am-5:30pm (Closed Friday)

*Please check back for the buyback list.


What is the difference between the Online Buyback and the In-store Buyback?

The Online Buyback is an on-going buyback that is performed by a book wholesaler. They will send you return labels for the books you are going to return to them. The books do not come to Moraine Park. You are paid by the book wholesaler, they also determine the value of your books. Moraine Park Bookstores do not determine the value of books returned via this method.

When you bring your books to MPTC Bookstores during our In-store Buybacks; we are purchasing books for MPTC and book wholesalers. Our manager determines the number and value of the books bought back for MPTC only. MPTC also performs buyback functions for a book wholesaler company. That company sets their own numbers of books to take back and amounts paid out for those titles. The MPTC Bookstores have no control over the book wholesaler's decisions. Please know that not all books are bought back. Also know that it is the student's decision whether to take the amount offered or not.

How does the 'In-store' Book Buyback work?

Bring in your books that you wish to sell back during the scheduled times at the MPTC Bookstore location of your choice.
Bring along a photo ID (School ID is preferred or a drivers license).

At the Bookstore:

We will check your ID.
We will check the condition of the book. It should be as clean and without marks to be in the best condition.
We will scan the book and let you know the amount offered for it.
It is then your choice if you wish to sell it back to us at that price or not.
The computer will tally the amounts for all your books you are selling back.

After all your books have been scanned...

We will pay you for the books you chose to sell back to us.

What Books will you take?

We buy books back for our college to re-sell and we also buy them for a book wholesaler to resell to their customers. We display a partial list outside the bookstore one week prior to the start of the buy back session. Please note - Not all books are bought back by MPTC or the book wholesalers. The best way to know is to have the books scanned.

The quantity of books bought back for the college are determined by the textbook request for the next term, the projected enrollments or limits the book wholesaler set. If the class is not going to be taught during the next term we would not be buying the book back for the bookstore - possibly the next time. Feel free to bring it to the next book buyback. There are three book buybacks scheduled after each of the spring, summer and fall terms.

How much does the Bookstore pay?

If the book is in acceptable condition and it is being bought back by MPTC we pay up to 50% of the used price for some titles. The buyback amount is the same whether it was used or new when you bought it.

If the book wholesaler is buying it back then the amount will be lower.

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